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The best place to get help with ODE is the mailing list. This is a low traffic (about 20 emails per week), high signal list. Archives from before 2007-12-05 can be found at

Reporting Bugs

If you think you've found a bug in ODE, try this:

  • Try to reproduce the bug outside your application, by writing a small program or modifying one of ODE's demos. Either you will find out you were doing something wrong with the API, or you will have a good test case to help the bug get fixed.
  • Go to the Bug Tracker, and post your bug, attaching the test case you used to confirm the bug. A bug the developers can experiment right away is likely to be fixed quickly.
  • Let us know on the mailing list. There is no need to give a detailed description if one is already provided in the bug tracker. If you just send an email and don't fill out a bug report in the tracker it might be forgotten!

Suggesting Changes

If you have a cool idea, head over to the Feature Request Tracker; if you already have the code for the change, post a patch on the Patch Tracker.

If you plan on making frequent changes, you can ask for SVN access on the mailing list. The community is very, very happy to accept good code submissions. You can also have a look at the ODE Development page on this wiki for more information.