Products that use ODE

This is a non exhaustive alphabetic-ordered list of products that are using ODE: Games, Robotics simulators, Research projects (to be continued). Here is the older product list that used to be hosted on



Call of Juarez

Description: Call of Juarez is a first person shooter inspired from the greatest movies of the Western genre. It is the first 'serious' and the most realistic adaptation of the genre. Developed by Techland Studio, the game draws on the major themes of the American Wild West through confrontation between the two principal emblematic characters.

Developer: Techland - Chrome Engine

Platform: PC Windows, X360

License: closed source


Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Description: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - THE OLD WEST, 1864. In order to save their family, the McCall brothers will kill anyone who stands between them and the legendary Gold of Juarez. CoJ prequel.

Developer: Techland - Chrome Engine

Platform: PC Windows, X360, PS3

License: closed source


Call of Juarez: The Cartel

Description: Call of Juarez: The Cartel - When a Mexican drug cartel bombs a US law enforcement agency, a US task force begins a blood-soaked quest for justice. Play as Ben McCall, a brutal LAPD cop and descendant of Ray McCall; Eddie Guerra, a DEA agent with a chronic gambling habit; or Kim Evans, a gang-affiliated street kid turned FBI agent. Who you choose determines how the unforgettable story unfolds.

Developer: Techland - Chrome Engine

Platform: PC Windows, X360, PS3

License: closed source


Dead Island

Description: Dead Island - Welcome to the Island of Banoi! The player is drawn into the world of Dead Island on the brink of a mysterious epidemic that suddenly, and without warning, breaks out on the fictional island of Banoi. As a guest of the Royal Palms Resort, the player's stay was supposed to be a dream holiday; a luxurious getaway to the beautiful beaches of a tropical paradise. But faced with the reality of a zombie apocalypse, there is only one thing left to do: Survive. This is Dead Island... a paradise to die for.

Developer: Techland - Chrome Engine

Platform: PC Windows, X360, PS3

License: closed source


Jumper Buggy

Description: Jumper Buggy - Jumper Buggy is a 3D action and car simulation game for IOS. It introduces a unique gameplay and realistic car simulation..

Developer: Virtual Vision

Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPod & iPad.)

License: closed source


Mario Strikers Charged

Description: [1] - Mario & Co. play football in a uniquely Nintendo fashion.

Developer: Next Level Games

Platform: Wii

License: closed source


Description: Nail'd is a racing game that is all about eschewing boring realism for over the top arcade fun. It's a racer that challenges everything from player reflexes through to the rules of physics. Riding on ATVs and motocross bikes with powerful boost controls, players will race down near-vertical courses of incredible jumps, stunts and obstacles. The brutal challenge of the Yosemite National Park is but one of the places they’ll learn the meaning of verticality. Nail'd's single-player campaign features various configurable modes and races including Tournament, Time Attack and Quick Event. The multi-player mode allows players to compete head to head in a range of race-types with multiple mutators, locally or online. Earned points will determine a player's position on leader boards and based on the player's performance and ability to pull off stunning feats of speed and glory during each race, they'll unlock exciting new components to customize their vehicle.

Developer: Techland - Chrome Engine

Platform: PC Windows, X360, PS3

License: closed source


Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Description: [2] - A lightgun style game that travels through the Resident Evil universe.

Developer: Capcom, Cavia

Platform: Wii

License: closed source

Stunt Marble Racers

Description: Stunt Marble Racers is a game inspired by Marble Madness. In this game you have to do some racing with marbles. It features a single player mode (for training), 2 player splitscreen mode and now also a LAN mode for up to 4 players. Uses OpenDE for physics and Irrlicht for graphics

Platform: Windows

License: zlib

World of Goo

Description: WoG is a game where you have to build spring-based structures to solve puzzles, usually by reaching certain parts of the level.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, WiiWare.

License: proprietary


Description: X-Moto is a challenging 2D motocross platform game.

Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and PSP Console.

License: opensource: GPLv2.


Description: Overgrowth is an indie game developed by four guys. For more information go to the Overgrowth wikipedia site.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

Virtual World Platforms


Description OpenSim is a platform for developing and deployment of 3d, interactive virtual worlds. Applications range from education to role playing games in an immersive 3d environment. the simulators include various scripting abilities for the in-world objects as well as editing tools for object creation and avatar customization.

Platform Linux, Windows, Mac OS-X (Mono, .NET)

License opensource, BSD

Robotics simulators


Description:Gazebo is a simulation environment for mobile robots. The worlds are created with simple hand-editable XML, it can load models exported by Blender. It uses Ode for physics and Ogre3d for graphics. Also, integrates seamlessly with PlayerStage, this means that the same code that commands the simulated robot can command the real robot.

Platform: Linux

License: opensource: GPL.

Marilou (anyKode)

Description:Marilou is a modeling and simulation environment for mobile robots, humanoids, articulated arms and parallels robots operating in real-world conditions that respect the laws of physics. Marilou editor let you create complex physics assembly that you can re-use or link from a robot to another.

Platform: Physics Editor for Windows, Physics and devices simulator (Exec) for Windows, Ubuntu and Mint, Robots programming (MODA) for Windows & Linux (the SDK is open-source).

License: Close source: Free for hobbyist and for robotics events (download the HOME license file).


Webots (Cyberbotics)

Description:Webots is a fast-prototyping and simulation environment widely used in robotics research and education. Webots uses the ODE library for collision detection and rigid body dynamics. Webots simulates all the sensors and actuators frequently used in robotics, e.g. proximity sensors, light sensors, touch sensors, GPS, accelerometers, gyrometers, cameras, emitters and receivers, servo motors (rotational & linear), position and force sensor, leds, grippers, etc.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux 32/64 bit

License: Close source: Several prices available. Free (limited) version available.


V-REP (Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform)

Description:V-REP is the Swiss army knife among robot simulators: hundreds of functions and features, and very elaborate APIs.

The robot simulator V-REP, with integrated development environment, is based on a distributed control architecture: each object/model can be individually controlled via an embedded script, a plugin, an add-on, a ROS node, a remote API client, or a custom solution. This makes V-REP very versatile and ideal for multi-robot applications. Controllers can be written in C/C++, Python, Java, Lua, Matlab or Urbi.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X & Linux (32 & 64 bit).

License: Open source. Fully free, no registration required and without any limitation for students, teachers, professors, schools and Universities.



Description: ARS (Autonomous Robot Simulator) is a physically-accurate open-source simulation suite for research and development of mobile manipulators and, in general, any multi-body system. It is modular, easy to learn and use, and can be a valuable tool in the process of robot design, in the development of control and reasoning algorithms, as well as in teaching and educational activities.

The software is implemented in Python integrating the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) and the Visualization Toolkit (VTK).

Its documentation is hosted at and is generated dynamically after each commit to the repository.

Platform: Linux, Mac OSX and MS Windows (XP, Vista & 7)

License: opensource: Modified BSD.

Software Packages

Physics Abstraction Layer

Description:PAL is an abstraction layer to multiple physics engines. PAL has an extensive set of common features such as simulating different devices or loading physics configurations from XML, COLLADA and Scythe files. It provides a number of interfaces to robotics sensors and actuators such as Gyroscopes, Inclinometers, PSDs, DC Motors, Hydrofoils, Servos, etc.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

License: Open Source: BSD


Description: irrOde is a wrapper to integrate the ODE into the irrlicht 3D graphics engine. It includes a plugin for the irrEdit 3D world editor and tutorials on how to get a project up and running using irrOde.

Platform: Windows and Linux

License: Open Source: zlib license


Description: CsODE-Dixion It is a port to C# language of project ODE.It is entirely written using C# does not need external library. Trimesh support is not implemented.

Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux

License: Open Source: GNU LGPL 2.1